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A top dress can be a perfect pick to pair up with several types of dresses. You can wear it with jeans or a skirt or shorts. You just need to pick the right top dress that’ll help you to look flawless.

For top lovers, the Elder store has a wide selection of top dresses of different types. Tank top, crop top, or anything- name it, and you’ll get it in our online store. So, whenever you plan to buy a top for ladies, visit our website directly.

In India, fashion is changing at high speed. Our top dress for women is designed to keep up with the trend so that you can be the centre of attention in the next gathering, whether a casual hangout with friends or a formal party.

 The top dress collection of our store aims at-


Looking gorgeous won’t satisfy you unless you’re comfortable with the dress you’re wearing. That’s why our collection has prioritized comfort besides style. We use comfortable fabric, like cotton, lycra, wool, or silk, in most outfits so that you can remain comfy in India’s weather.

Variations Of Top Dress

We have a huge variety of top dress is available in our store. To help you catch up with the latest trend and styles, we offer crop tops, wrap tops, detail tops, peplum tops, and many more variations. Also, you’ll find the most classic and must-have tees in our store.

Besides variation in styles, we offer variation in design too. Tops of multiple colors and prints are available here so that you can pick one matching your preference.

Suitable for Different Occasions

You can try our crop tops if it’s a friend’s hangout. Our tees can be a great companion when you’re staying over at a friend’s house. For your next office meeting, try our neck-tie or neck-lace top dress. For a casual party, you can wear our peplum tops or neck strappy tops.

No matter the event, we always have the perfect pick for you.


Fashion shouldn’t be limited to only a few people. That’s why our fashionable tops are priced reasonably so that everyone can afford them. At an inexpensive price range, you’ll find the fashion that suits you.

Also, coupons and discounts are available almost all year round. Follow our website and social media pages to enjoy more affordable fashion.

Our wide selection of top dresses can help to fill your closet with your style preferences. You just need to check our collection to find it.

Besides the top dress, we have a wide selection of top dresses for women and girls suitable for various occasions. From the most casual party to the most formal meeting, our dresses are designed to focus on all kinds of events and occasions around you. So, pay a visit to our store anytime you need something new to wear.

The Elder store is a one-stop solution for Indian women’s and girls’ fashion needs. Don’t miss it. So choose your desired top dress from your store at an affordable price. Also, we have a collection of kids’ wear where you’ll find fashionable dresses for your kids, nephews, and nieces.

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