Our Story

Launched in 2020, Elder Garments Pvt Ltd Company is the first retailer and wolseller that sell custom dressing styles branded stuff to sell in India like: Hoodies, Women’s wear, Tops & Shorts, Night Wear, & Kid’s Wear.
We are on a mission to augment the best quality and product can provide in the market.

We care about the convenience of our customers as well as our returns.
We have recently come up with a new marketing strategy, In which the customer can make attractive profits on his shopping or the shopping of his relative, friends & family member.

We give the latest fashionable & comfortable wearable product design and technology with traditional tailoring techniques to make you high-quality yet affordable stuff.

Our junior and active team comprises creative marketers, innovative tech geeks, seasoned product experts, and customer service genies, spread across our various locations in the city.

The origin of our products is very important to us. We collected a select group of fabric vendors from across the manufactured branded company.
Only the finest raw materials are sourced. Every detail is closely examined. Our manufacturing process involves only the best design available machines and clearly visible processes.
The perfect shirt is just the sum of its parts. To learn a little more about our production processes.

The founders of each of our brands are deeply involved and passionate about their clothing stuff.

They’re committed to the values and beliefs it was built on, so you can be sure, there will never be an agreement when it comes to the quality of the product or the process behind it.

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