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Co-Ords for Women and Girls

For an effortless stylish look, co-ords are the best choices nowadays. These two-piece dresses (a crop top and a skirt) help you fit yourself anywhere, let it be a casual hangout or a formal party.

In the Elder store, you’ll find different types of co-ords sets for different occasions. They are designed based on the fashion trend in India. So, you’ll definitely be the centre of attention at the party. We guarantee you a flawless look when you wear our co-ords dresses.


We ensure maximum comfort through the fabric we choose. Our two-piece co-ords dresses are made of polyester, lycra blend, or other comfortable fabric to help you stay comfy in India’s weather. Also, our dresses are made to fit your perfectly so that you can move swiftly.

Variation of Co-Ords for Women

We have different types of co-ords for different purposes. Our polyester two-piece outfits are perfect for any party, meeting, or occasion. Also, printed top and shorts sets can be picked for morning walks, exercises, honeymoon tours, or a good night’s sleep.


In case you want a slight change in your style, don’t worry. Our co-ords are designed to be a match for any other outfit in your closet. So, try mixing a piece with another one from your closet. You may find a better look that matches the trend and makes you look more beautiful.


You won’t have to think much to match your accessories with our dresses. Our co-ords dresses are designed in a way that makes it easy to match your accessories. They are compatible with a huge variety of accessories, including but not limited to jewelry, bags, purses, shoes, etc.

Wide Collection

We have a huge co-ords online collection where you’ll find dresses of different colors, prints, and sizes. Try olive green, black, burgundy, or similar colors if you want one for a meeting. Light ones will be perfect for casual parties. Explore our store, and you’ll find one matching your fashion and occasion requirements.


We aim to make fashion accessible to a wide range of women and girls in India. So, we’re offering the co-ords at a very surprising price. These dresses in our store can be found with affordable price tags. Also, several discounts and coupons are available almost all year round.

 The Elder store can be the perfect place for your fashion requirements. Here you’ll find varieties of fashionable and cool dresses to try and test your looks, keeping comfort as a priority, that too at affordable price ranges.

Besides co-ords, we offer crop tops, party dresses, hoodies, pajama sets, etc., for women and girls. No matter the type of dress you need and the occasion coming, you can always have a look at our store to find the perfect dress.

If you’re looking for a brand to help you fill your closet with fashionable, comfortable, and trendy outfits, Elder will help you for sure. You’ll find your style easily from the wide variation of co-ords for women here.

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